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Can you bill my insurance? 

Currently, there are no codes which would allow us to bill any insurance carrier. Insurance does NOT currently cover any thermographic screenings. 

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept cash, check, or credit card. Credit cards accepted are: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. 

HSA/ FSA cards will occasionally be accepted. However, most plans will allow you to submit your receipt for reimbursement.  Some AFLAC plans also reimburse for thermography. 

Each Plan is different, we recommend that you contact your specific HSA/FSA to inquire about coverage. 

What happens after my scan?

Following your assessment, your images will be reviewed by a board certified Thermologist. Then, a report containing the findings and recommendations will be sent back to the clinic. Obtaining results can take up to 2 weeks due to the complexity of the interpretation process.  Following your imaging, you will be given the option to book a follow up appointment with your technologist to review the report with you. This is a complementary, optional service where we answer your questions and can connect you to local providers should you need assistance. If you wish to only receive results via email, without the follow up appointment, simply tell your technologist. 

How often should I be scanned?

Health risk assessments are a personal decision. Thermography is beneficial because there is zero harm to the body. You could be imaged as frequently as you request. We recommend all patients begin with a full body scan for optimal risk assessment. This could alert you to potential health concerns before you have symptoms 

It may be recommended by the thermologist that you are followed at different intervals based upon your imaging. This is especially true for breast imaging and your specific risk analysis. Typical follow up times are 12 months, 6 months, or 3 months based on decades of research and specific guidelines. 

Women should begin screening by age 20, or as soon as possible after age 20 for the best results. 

Does this screening replace my mammogram?

Health Screenings are a personal decision that is up to each individual and their provider. Thermography is a great adjunctive risk assessement tool for detecting physiological changes in the body. Thermography cannot diagnose breast cancer, only a biopsy of the breast can do that. 

We do not recommend using thermography as a stand-alone assessment. We highly encourage all of our patients to obtain anatomical screening in addition to thermography, such as mammography, ultrasound or MRI, based on what your provider recommends.

Some women choose to utilize thermography as a risk assessment tool as it poses no harm to the body. Thermography is an interpretation of the heat radiated off of your body. The exam is painless, private, and nothing is given to the body during the process.

Studies have shown that you have the best specificity when you combine thermography with an anatomical screening such as ultrasound. 

I've had a complete mastectomy, do I need thermography?

If you no longer have natural breast tissue, than there is no need for thermographic screening. If you have had a lumpectomy, or only a partial mastectomy, you do still qualify for thermographic screenings. We will provide thermography screening to women who have had implants, as long as there is still natural breast tissue in addition to the implants. 

I have had thermography elsewhere, can these be used for comparison?

Not all thermography is created equal. Due to the pristine requirements of our interpreting thermologists we are not allowed to utilize any previous thermographic imaging from an outside facility as a comparison for future studies. This is due to the dramatic difference in equipment, imaging facility requirements, recommended preparation for exams, as well as interpretation policies. We will happily keep your prior records on file within our office, however our thermologists will not review them. 

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