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Melissa Tripp,

Melissa was born and raised in SD, where she currently resides (in Brandon) with her husband, Tyler, and 4 children. Between running her children to activities, attending their sporting events, and chasing after her toddlers, Melissa enjoys reading, socializing, and graphic design. 

Melissa completed her Radiologic Technologist education at Sanford School of Radiology and has been a licensed x-ray tech for 15 years. She has worked in every modality within the radiology profession, with special interest in trauma radiography, CT scan, and mobile radiography. She served as the lead technologist for a mobile radiology company serving Iowa, Minnesota, and all of eastern South Dakota before pursuing her education and training in Thermography. 

As co-owner and Lead technologist Melissa is passionate about helping you understand what your body is trying to tell you and connecting you with the resources to keep your body operating to its highest potential. She is passionate about developing referral relationships with the best practitioners in our area to serve you! 

Tyler is a Retired Army National Guard Combat Veteran, who is a co-owner who works behind the scenes. Although you may catch him in our office, it would be a rare sight! He resides in Brandon, with his wife, Melissa, and their 4 children. In his spare time, Tyler enjoys spending time with his family, remote control cars, and real estate investing. 

Tyler is supportive of Melissa in her dreams of bringing more holistic wellness to South Dakota, and has found much relief in the natural realm himself.

With little patient interaction Tyler's primary responsibility is in policies, procedures, and financials to insure InfraMed runs as smoothly as possible. 

Tyler Tripp,

Visiting Providers

Mobile Sonographers, Inc is a Minnesota based travel ultrasound company. We are honored to partner with them to offer full cash based sonography services to our patients. 

The Functional Polkadot -  specializing in providing nutritional consulting and iridology services. Connecting the dots to wellness to help you achieve optimal health by addressing the root causes of your health issues.

Whole Body Wellness Blood Microscopy - Live blood analysis to help you and your provider get a visual of what is happening in your body. This is a functional approach to determining the root cause of dysfunction

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