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What is Thermography?

Thermography measures the infrared radiation (heat) which emits from the surface of the body. Areas of abnormality, pathology or disease within the body will be observed as either hot or cold depending on the metabolic activity. An ultra-sensitive thermal camera and a sophisticated computer are used to convert the infrared heat emitting from the surface of the skin into electrical impulses that are visualized in color, known as a thermogram. 


We offer health screenings for women and men of any age. A thermography screening assesses the health of the thyroid, oral cavity, breasts, abdomen and lower body as well as any other specific areas that may be of concern. Thermography is non-invasive and radiation free, which makes it a great option for routine health screenings. Traditional medical screening tests such as X-rays (mammograms), ultrasounds, and MRIs focus on disease management, whereas thermography focuses on finding problem areas before they turn into disease.

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Screenings Available
  • Full Body 

  • Torso/Upper Body

  • Breast

  • Head and Neck 

  • Children

  • Personal Injury

  • Treatment Monitoring

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